Jesus ~ Only Jesus!

What other god would send a form of himself to the people he had created, in the midst of their rebellion, sin, hatred and denial of him? What other god would desire to take their rebellion and sin upon himself, give his life away and die for them? What other god would take upon himself beatings and scourging that would tear and rip his skin to shreds, or allow a crown made of piercing thorns to be placed on his head and have it dig deep into his forehead? What other god would willingly allow giant spikes to be driven through his hands and feet that would attach him to a cross, but yet all the while forgiving and loving all, even the very ones that would NEVER believe in him? What other god after hours of torture and humiliation and finally dying and being buried, could raise himself from the dead three days later and then live eternally? What other god has gone that far to give his very own life for the very people he created?

Maybe someone could give their life for another who had loved them in return. But WHO could give their life for others, knowing that most would run away, most would rebel, most would not believe and even go so far as to hate him? WHO could do that? What other religion has a god that could love you that much? Who has a god that would relentlessly chase you down in jealous pursuit, calling you beautiful, even in the midst of your sin and unbelief?

What other god delights in you SO much that he would say -“ONE glance of your eye has stolen My heart?”

What other god would say – “I am yours and you are Mine?”

worship 10

What other god is completely sinless and holy and can look into your heart and mind with his eyes of fire and know every detail about you – your past, present, and future, but yet love you with an unquenchable love? What other god desires to take a broken heart and a broken life and remake it into something completely new – a new creation?

 What other god would give his ALL – his very heart and life?





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